Network Services

Work from anywhere, anytime

Technology and our ability to harness its power for increased productivity has certainly come a long way. High-speed, secure networking has evolved beyond the Local Area Network to Wide Area Networks, the Internet, smart phones, PDAs, and beyond - meaning doing business anywhere, anytime is easier than ever.

If your business could benefit from all that networking and mobile solutions have to offer, DTS can help you get connected, bringing your business greater efficiency, improved collaboration and increased productivity.

Here at DTS, we have an extensive background in networking and have experience with large networks with upwards of 50,000 users down to small networks with only 5. Our team specializes in WiFi, VoIP, MPLS, WANs, Network Architecture, Network Engineering and Managed Network Services. With proficiencies in systems like Cisco, Brocade, and HP we can deliver reliable, scalable, and flexible network solutions to fit your organizations needs.

Let us show you how to take your connectivity needs to the next level.

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