Connecting a Cisco SPA525G VoIP Phone via Wifi

Connecting a Cisco SPA525G VoIP Phone via Wifi

Welcome to Digital Technology Solutions! In this post I will be talking about how to connect a Cisco SPA 525G via wireless to a hosted PBX. If you ever needed a phone but couldn't run a data drop or maybe you just don't like cables, we have you covered!

So how do you begin? Well, you first have to create a Wifi profile. This can be done by first plugging the phone into your network and connecting to the web interface. Once connected, click on Wi-Fi and enable.

Next: You need to create your profile. Just give it a name, SSID, and Key and your one step closer to connecting your phone.

Now, you can go ahead and setup the provisioning settings or use option 66 in your DHCP server and you have a working phone.

Cisco Phone


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