Connecting ISCSI storage CORRECTLY!

Connecting ISCSI storage CORRECTLY!

Welcome to Digital Technology Solutions, In todays post we will talk about how to cable a ISCSI storage array the correct way. I've seen countless times consultants not understanding the requirements of ISCSI storage. If you don't know what ISCSI is please read here. I will go over a few basics about ISCSI, In this example we are using a Nimble CS240G with two Brocade VDX 6740 24R.


Lets Get started 🙂

The most important part of any ISCSI setup is switch selection, I personally would only select a switch like Brocade, HP and Cisco in a production environment. I would also highly recommend CLI type switches for management reasons. Below is some basic information for you to review.


















Here is a great diagram about how to connect your ISCSI connections.


Best Practices on how to setup your ISCSI network












So here is the best part 🙂 a full diagram on how to cable a ISCSI network with a Nimble Storage Array and 4 host servers.











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